Program Addendum

Since the posting of the preliminary program, the following program offerings have been cancelled, replaced or changed in time offering.

Monday, June 24

Time Change CBER Town Hall Was scheduled at 2:30-4:00PM is NOW at 11:00AM-12:30PM

Time Change Regulatory Environment in the US: CDRH Panel Discusses What's on the Horizon Was scheduled at 2:30-4:00PM NOW at 11:00AM-12:30PM

Tuesday, June 25

Cancelled GDUFA Update at 10:15AM

Cancelled How Strategic is Strategic Outsourcing, and for Whom?  at 4:00-5:30PM

Replaced with Investigator Budgets Impact on Patient Enrollment and Retention: How to Improve Sponsor/CRO/Site Processes to Increase Productivity

Wednesday, June 26

Cancelled Improvisation for Breakthrough Business Results at 10:15-11:45AM

Replaced with Successful Mentoring Relationships

Time Change Meeting the Operational Challenges of Risk-based Monitoring: Investigator and Sponsor Perspectives NOW at 10:15-11:45AM

Cancelled The State of Informatics at CDER, CBER and CDRH at 1:45-3:15PM

Thursday, June 27

Cancelled FDA's Electronic Drug Registration and Listing System: Updates at 9:00AM

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