Media Registration

Media registration is open to editors, reporters, bloggers, and industry analysts working full time for print, broadcast, or web publications with valid press credentials.

Valid press credentials are required at time of registration and include:

  • A bylined article published by your employing news agency within the past six months 
  • A copy of publication masthead listing your primary role as an editor or reporter 
  • Official photo identification issued by employing news agency or government 

Freelance journalists may apply for complimentary media registration, but must present the following: 

  • A signed letter on company letterhead from your assignment editor confirming your assignment to cover the event
  • A bylined story from the publication you are freelancing for dated within the last six months 

Please note that marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations professionals may not register as media.
DIA reserves the right to deny media registration to any individual who does not meet the above guidelines, or to limit the amount of media registrants from any one publication. DIA reserves the right to request a copy of convention coverage as a requirement for media registration.


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