Program Committee


Mariette Boerstoel-Streefland, MD, MBA, MS: Chief Safety Officer, Vice President-Global Drug Safety, Forest Research Institute

Jean-Pierre Clement, MD: Pharmacovigilance Professional


William W. Gregory, PhD: Senior Director, Safety and Risk Management, Pfizer Inc.

Steve Jolley, MA: Principal, SJ Pharma Consulting

Michael Richardson: International Head GPV&E and EU QPPV, Bristol-Myers Squibb, United Kingdom

Valerie E. Simmons, MD, FFPM: EU QPPV, Global Patient Safety, Eli Lilly and Company Limited, United Kingdom

Melissa M. Truffa, RPh: Lead Pharmacist, Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology, CDER, FDA

Shinya Yamauchi: Operating Officer, Pharmacovigilance Department, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan
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