Medical Communications Track

Natalie Gearhart, PharmD
Associate Director, Medical Information Center
Jannsen Scientific Affairs, LLC

Sara Doshi, PharmD
Manager, Global Medical Information Strategy
Eli Lilly and Company

Program Committee:
Maureen Baldwin, MSN, RN
Associate Director
Pfizer Inc.

David Bowers, PharmD

Director, Medical Communications

Alicia Alexander Cadogan, PharmD
Director, Team Lead, Oncology
Pfizer Medical Information
Pfizer Inc.

Nicole Corder, RPh, MBA

Director, The Lilly Answers Center
Lilly USA, LLC

Lesley Fierro, PharmD, MS

Associate Vice President, Medical Information Services

Stacey Fung, PharmD

Senior Manager, Medical Communications
Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group

Pete Guillot

CenterFirst Consulting, LLC

Leena Jindia, MS, PharmD
Director, Medical Information
Janssen Scientific Affairs

Monica Kwarcinski, PharmD
Executive Director, Medical Services
Purdue Pharma LP

Sharon Leighton, PhD
Sharon Leighton Consultancy Ltd.

Julia Petses, PharmD
Director, Oncology/Urology Medical Information Services
Patrick Reilly
Vice President, Global Medical Information
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Mary Sendi, PharmD

Senior Director, Team Lead, Medical Information
Pfizer Inc.

Iris Tam, PharmD
Director, Managed Care Medical Communication
Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group

Jim Wilkinson, PhD
Executive Director, Medical Communications
Amgen Scientific Affairs
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