Meeting Program

This is the one conference that should be attended by your entire promotional review team.  This two-day program will give attendees the opportunity to interact with speakers, regulatory agency personnel and other industry participants in a dynamic and informative environment.  Sessions will feature presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A.

Half Day Tutorial:

Session Topics:

  • FDA Update: Recent Enforcement Actions
  • Substantial Evidence and Other Standards of Evidence in Promotion
  • FDA Guidance Update
  • Social Media:  Digital Tools and Considerations in Compliant Development
  • Recent Updates and Future Trends in Corporate Integrity Agreements and Compliance Programs
  • Product Communications in the Pre-Approval Phase
  • Fundamental Issues in the Regulatory Evaluation of Health Economic Information 
  • Disease State and Unbranded Materials – Regulatory Challenges
  • The Next Generation: Promotional Review Boards (online reviews)  
  • Question and Answer Session with FDA

Marketing of Pharmaceuticals 2013

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