Meeting Programme

26th Annual EuroMeeting Vienna 2014

ACV, Vienna, Austria | 25-27 March 2014


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The DIA’s Annual EuroMeeting is global in scope and attracts well over 3,000 professionals from more than 50 countries. It brings together professionals from the biopharmaceutical industry, contract research and service organisations, academic research centres, regulatory agencies and health ministries as well as delegates from patient organisations. This convergence affords participants the opportunity to network with professional colleagues from around the world.

The EuroMeeting has a new co-chair: Christa Wirthumer-Hoche, the newly appointed Head of the Austrian Medicines Agency:

Theme Leaders give a sneak-peek into their themes:

 About the EuroMeeting   Theme 1: Regulatory Science     Theme 2: HTA/Regulatory Interface  
 Theme 5: Personalised Medicine    Theme 7: eClinical    Theme 9: Involving Patients  
 Theme 10: Globalisation    Theme 11: Medical Devices    Theme 12: Quality
 Theme 13: Legal    Theme 15: Known Active Substances   Theme 16: Knowledge Management