Authorised Vendors

With any exhibit there are always multiple companies and people to deal with – from logistics to housing to marketing and furniture orders – and it’s often difficult to remember who to contact.

To help you with this, we’ve listed below the companies DIA has contracted with for the DIA 26th Annual EuroMeeting 2014, as of 4 November 2013.

NOTE: DIA does not supply any contact information to vendors that are not included in the Authorised Vendor List list below. If at any time you have doubts as to whether a company has been approved to represent or work for the 26th Annual EuroMeeting 2014, please email DIA will not have the ability to assist you with any issues that may arise from using an unauthorised vendor.

Currently known Unauthorised companies soliciting our exhibitors:

  • FAIR Guide
  • Expo-Guide
  • Construct Data
  • Pro-target Data
  • Trade Show Internet
  • Exhibit Transfer, Inc. 
  • Exhibition Housing Services
  • Convention Housing Services
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • BME Global
  • List Partners Inc.
Authorised Vendors:

EFI Logistics

for Shipping/Logistics

Steve Underwood or Ashley Head

Phone: + 44 1444 871314
Steve Underwood | Email:
Ashley Head | Email:

Exhibitor Invites®
for Email Marketing

Tracy Michael
Phone: +1.541.363.3171 | Monday – Friday, 10AM to 6PM EDT

Gielissen Exhibition and Event Services
Owen Barendregt
Phone: +31 20 581 14 11 | Email:
  • Exhibit Sales 
  • Marketing and Hosting Sales 

Gielissen Exhibition and Event Services
  • Exhibitor Service Manual 
  • Show Decorator 
  • Show Labor 
  • Furniture Rental 
  • Exhibitor Onsite Services

K.I.T Group GmbH – Official Housing Agent

for hotel bookings

DIA works with this one agent to ensure that:
  • Your hotel reservations are officially part of the EuroMeeting
  • The hotels rates have been individually negotiated for the EuroMeeting and are exclusive to EuroMeeting participants
  • Your hotel reservations, privacy and personal data are completely secure
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