Programme Overview

The themes for the EuroMeeting 2012 include the professional disciplines of regulatory affairs, safety and efficacy for human medicines, diagnostics and devices. Much innovation will be fostered by interaction between disciplines and jointly between the stakeholders of healthcare innovation such as industry professionals, academia, regulatory competent authorities, patient representatives, and the general public.

Theme 1 | Innovation and Unmet Medical Needs

Theme 2 | Regulatory Affairs

Theme 3 | Benefit/Risk Management and Life Cycle Approach

Theme 4 | Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Efficacy and Clinical Evidence

Theme 5 | Special Medicinal Products

Theme 6 | Translational Medicine Enabling Successful Clinical Development

Theme 7 | Drug Development and Statistics

Theme 8 | CMC, Inspections and Quality

Theme 9 | Devices and Diagnostics: Impact of Device, Drug and Diagnostic Combination on Future Health Care Evolution

Theme 10 | The "e" World, Knowledge Management and Electronic Data Management

Theme 11 | Development of Medicines for Paediatric and Elderly Populations

Theme 12 | Globalisation and Its Challenges

Theme 13 | Biologicals and Vaccines
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