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See What Happened Tuesday at DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting

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  PHT Corporation to Sponsor Fundraiser for Rady Children’s Hospital- San Diego at DIA Annual Meeting

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Today's Top Tweets

Twitter  Gregg Masters:
Interesting innovation line-up at #DIA2014 pic.twitter.com/UGcxwGxeSE

Twitter  Zoe Dunning: One property of play is that gender and power dynamics are neutralized. Learning fun facts at Improv workshop #DIA2014 @futurestateinc

Twitter  Lilly Clinical OI: Pfizer, Lilly, Novartis are providing ways for patients to match studies w/#bluebutton, using an open technology platform #DIA2014 @takmad

Twitter  Taren Grom: Anne Zielinski @Medidata says patients in trials are doing humanity a favor and need support @PharmaVOICE #DIA2014 pic.twitter.com/m8pyKl6I4M

Twitter  Jennifer Riggins: Lego women scientists coming soon! Great for girls! Science is cool #dia2014powerup @markconversis #DIA2014

Twitter  Sheila Rocchio: Love the inner badass talk by @saxchik about channelling inner badass, dealing with adversity and staring it down each day #dia2014powerup

Twitter  Mark D. Lim: #dia2014powerup - giving #DIA2014 attendees an opp to learn about each other via Moth Radiohour-like short stories pic.twitter.com/A1DbKX94VM

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Health Care's Revolutionary Printing Press?
3D Printing - Blue Sky and Regulatory Path

Disruptive technology and health care are not usually used in the same sentence. We don't hear "Let's print out a new drug" or "How about a new ear" every day either. While news articles have only speculated about how 3D printing could revolutionize drug discovery and tissue regeneration, the technology is already being used in certain areas of health care.

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DIA's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Keep DIA's 50th Anniversary Celebration Going! Visit the DIA Booth #1531 to Snap a Picture and Get a Keepsake.


Last Chance! Professional Posters Sessions

Visit the Professional Posters Sessions on Wednesday in the Sails Pavilion. First-time attendees, cast your vote for your chance to  Win a Kindle Fire HD!

  Read More on Wednesday's Poster Sessions

PMDA Town Hall

Representatives from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) explained its current services and the Japanese drug regulation, future initiatives/challenges for faster review and better life cycle management of drugs.

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Europe Town Hall

In addition to discussing some of the scientific and regulatory challenges facing regulators and industry in Europe, this forum also showcased what is being done to support biopharmaceutical R&D, in particular through the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), benefiting both industry and public health.

Enabling Participants' Access to the Electronic Clinical Trial Data:
The Blue Button Project    

Historically, patients participating in clinical trials do not have an easy way to receive or use the clinical data generated during a trial to improve their personal health and wellness. Using the Blue Button standard launched by the White House, patients are empowered to use their individual electronic clinical data to improve their overall health and wellness.

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Organs on a Chip: The Future of Efficacy and Safety Testing

Panelists discussed progress being made in our ability to grow human organs on microchips.

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Power Up! Give Your Brain a Vacation   

This inaugural Power Up! session breaks the mold of the traditional DIA Annual Meeting Program Offering with a series of 5-minute presentations delivered by attendees sharing unique stories.

IMAGINE the possibilities    

John Lennon Painting by Stephen Fishwick, demonstrated during the Opening Plenary.

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Patient Advocate Fellowship Program

Stop by booth #1739 to meet the Patient Fellows and join the conversation about the patient perspective. Follow #DIA2014Patients for real-time updates.

Stop by the DIA Wall of History (Outside Exhibit Hall A)

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