Power Up! Session

Session 299G Power Up! Give Your Brain a Vacation  SEE WHAT YOU MISSED!


This inaugural Power Up! session breaks the mold of the traditional DIA Annual Meeting Program offering.  Give your brain a break from all the scientific stuff and come and enjoy this fun event to laugh and be inspired by none other than your colleagues!
Twelve presenters shared their individual unique presentation/stories; presentation titles are noted below:   

  • The Delightful Highs and Hair-Whitening Lows of Launching a Venture-Backed Health Startup
  • Set Up a Life You Don't Need Escaping From
  • Finding Your Inner Bad*ss
  • An Old Timer with a Mission
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the way to…
  • Hope Humility Heart Happiness and Hustle for the greater good
  • Handing Over the Torch of Responsibility ... A Mother's Tale
  • Digital Health - the future is here
  • Artificial Intelligence Isn’t
  • The Grapefruit Tree: Paying Forward a Brother's Gift
  • Why 95% of the world’s population don’t play FOOTball using their hands – The World Cup Explained
  • Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads” – Can Scientists be Cool?
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