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Opening Plenary and Keynote Address

speaker1"There’s going to be a network of people coming into your future. They want to be your partner. They want to be your friend. Your question is: How will you let them in?”

- Jamie Heywood

The Opening Plenary featured the Keynote Address by Jamie Heywood. One of the world’s leaders in using technology to transform the future of health care, Jamie is the Founding Director of the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s first nonprofit biotechnology company, and Co-Founder and Chairman of PatientsLikeMe, an innovative web community that allows patients to pool their disease and treatment experiences to advance medicine.

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IMAGINE the possibilities    


John Lennon Painting by Stephen Fishwick,
demonstrated during the Opening Plenary.

Opening Reception and DIA's 50th Anniversary Celebration

dia birthday

DIA Global Chief Executive Barbara Lopez Kunz and
DIA President Minnie Baylor-Henry cut the 50th Anniversary cake.


DIA 2014
The Walking Gallery, Featuring Artist and Patient Activist Regina Holliday

DIA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration included a gathering of The Walking Gallery, a patient empowerment movement founded by Artist Regina Holliday.

At left, a participant wears a jacket adorned with hand-painted artwork created by the artist. 

Regina Holliday’s Inspiring Work
Participants Celebrating DIA's 50th Anniversary at the DIA Booth

New Approaches to International Collaboration Between Regulators Part 1 of 2

Starting with the original ICH partners, this forum explored how the model of regulatory collaboration is evolving from traditional harmonization and information sharing models to strategic coalitions and work-sharing initiatives.

New Approaches to International Collaboration Between Regulators Part 2 of 2

interviewBuilding on Part 1, this Part 2 forum discussed regulatory collaboration efforts in a wider international context and with a wider group of regulators. The specific role of WHO and non- governmental organizations were also addressed.

DIA President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in World Health

image1Jamie Heywood, accepting the DIA President’s Award for
Outstanding Achievement in World Health, with
DIA President Minnie Baylor-Henry.

The DIA President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in World Health is the organization’s highest award, given in recognition of the significant, innovative contributions of an individual, group of individuals, or an organization to the improvement of global health. This year's award was presented to PatientsLikeMe.

1st Annual Medical Heroes Appreciation 5K

run3We had an excellent turnout – approximately 300 registrants showed up to participate in the 1st Annual Medical Heroes Appreciation 5K.



Student Poster Award Winners

First Place: A Cross Country Comparison of the Effect of Co-Payments for Prescriptions on Adherence to Medications Presented by: Sarah-Jo Sinnott, University College Cork

Second Place: Budget Impact Analysis of Tofacitinib for Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Presented by: Rituparna Bhattacharya, West Virginia University

Third Place: Monitoring Medicines in Social Media, What are the Options? Example: Medicines Under Additional Monitoring in Europe Presented by: Maartje Van Der Sar, Leiden University, Medicines Evaluation Board

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Twitter ERT: We were kicking off #DIA2014 to a great start! The whole ERT team ran the @CISCRP #Medhero5k pic.twitter.com/J7uD1JJdcX
  Twitter Jenn Mcnary: 
#DIA2014 kick-off - global collaboration among regulatory agencies- #harmonization pic.twitter.com/SC99pITBzp

  Twitter John Reites: Social media use in clinical research with process to support is an early theme of the meeting #DIA2014 pic.twitter.com/Hnc5uN3Jcd
  Twitter Robin Whitsell: 
Pt engagement + #hcsm Standing room only! Big consideration: are you listening and interacting w/ your patients? @BBKWorldwide #DIA2014
Twitter PatientsLikeMe: PatientsLikeMe launches new services to change patients' role from subjects to true collaborators #DIA2014 http://shout.lt/vVDw   Twitter David McNierney: Voice of the Patient is the top story @ #DIA2014; How appropriate for the 50th anniversary!!! http://goo.gl/Sknebh @DrugInfoAssn @Medidata   Twitter CSC Health: 
At #DIA2014 this week, check out @joelfinkle_csc on product submissions and Michelle Gyzen on global teams http://bit.ly/N9QPKY  @CSC
  Twitter Sheila Rocchio: "Emergence of technologies for data collection of PROs is one of the most important developments in industry" says Stephen Coons #DIA2014
Twitter Quintiles: Critical shifts mean #biopharma & CROs must have more strategic, end-to-end approach to clinical trials says Paula Brown Stafford #DIA2014


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Health Care's Revolutionary Printing Press? 3D Printing - Blue Sky and Regulatory Path

speaker10Disruptive technology and health care are not usually used in the same sentence. We don't hear "Let's print out a new drug" or "How about a new ear" every day either. While news articles have only speculated about how 3D printing could revolutionize drug discovery and tissue regeneration, the technology is already being used in certain areas of health care.

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PMDA Town Hall

Representatives from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) explained its current services and the Japanese drug regulation, future initiatives/challenges for faster review and better life cycle management of drugs.

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Europe Town Hall 


In addition to discussing some of the scientific and regulatory challenges facing regulators and industry in Europe, this forum also showcased what is being done to support biopharmaceutical R&D, in particular through the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), benefiting both industry and public health


Enabling Participants' Access to the Electronic Clinical Trial Data: The Blue Button Project    

Historically, patients participating in clinical trials do not have an easy way to receive or use the clinical data generated during a trial to improve their personal health and wellness. Using the Blue Button standard launched by the White House, patients are empowered to use their individual electronic clinical data to improve their overall health and wellness.

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Organs on a Chip: The Future of Efficacy and Safety Testing

Panelists discussed progress being made
in our ability to grow human organs on microchips.

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Inaugural Power Up! Session

This inaugural Power Up! session breaks the mold of the traditional DIA Annual Meeting Program Offering with a series of 5-minute presentations delivered by attendees sharing unique stories.

Twitter Jennifer Neumann@PGPT35 is the winner for the most tweets during the PowerUp! Session.

DIA Wall of History

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Twitter Gregg Masters: 
Interesting innovation line-up at #DIA2014 pic.twitter.com/UGcxwGxeSE
  Twitter Zoe Dunning: One property of play is that gender and power dynamics are neutralized. Learning fun facts at Improv workshop #DIA2014 @futurestateinc 
  Twitter Lilly Clinical OI: Pfizer, Lilly, Novartis are providing ways for patients to match studies w/#bluebutton, using an open technology platform #DIA2014 @takmad
  Twitter Taren Grom: Anne Zielinski @Medidata says patients in trials are doing humanity a favor and need support @PharmaVOICE #DIA2014 pic.twitter.com/m8pyKl6I4M
Twitter Jennifer Riggins: Lego women scientists coming soon! Great for girls! Science is cool #dia2014powerup @markconversis #DIA2014   Twitter Sheila Rocchio: Love the inner badass talk by @saxchik about channelling inner badass, dealing with adversity and staring it down each day #dia2014powerup   Twitter Mark D. Lim: #dia2014powerup - giving #DIA2014 attendees an opp to learn about each other via Moth Radiohour-like short stories pic.twitter.com/A1DbKX94VM    

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An International Approach to Benefit-Risk Assessment of Medicines: An Evaluation by a Consortium of Established Agencies

Panelists discussed the Heads of Agencies Consortium, which consists of the TGA, Health Canada, and the HSA to review challenges and opportunities for developing a systematic structured approach to the Benefit-risk assessment of medicines and the outcome of their studies.

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The Patient Point-of-View: An Unrehearsed but Revealing Conversation to Rectify Patient Enrollment

A diverse panel of clinical trial patients provided personal accounts of their clinical trial experiences, including hurdles and obstacles they have encountered.

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Challenges and Opportunities Facing FDA’s International Posts

Directors of FDA’s international offices in China, India, and Latin America discussed the major activities of FDA’s international posts, how the international offices align with other FDA Centers and Office of Regulatory Affairs, and the challenges they face in advancing the FDA mission internationally.

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Power Up! Session

This inaugural Power Up! session breaks the mold of the traditional DIA Annual Meeting Program Offering with a series of 5-minute presentations delivered by attendees sharing unique stories.

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PHT Corporation to Sponsor Fundraiser for Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego at DIA Annual Meeting

Visitors to PHT Booth #1204 had the chance to spin a colorful wheel and have the donation amount landed on added to PHT’s fundraising total for the Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. The PHT Corporation team including, Founder Dr. Stephen Raymond and President/CEO Phil Lee, present the proceeds of the fundraiser to Tanya Eraca of Rady Children's Hospital on Wednesday, June 18.

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Twitter Tom Jones: 
Great job by @Gil_Bashe @DrugInfoAssn #DIA2014 presenting on crisis management @makovsky #makhealth pic.twitter.com/6k5oWLlpu4 #socpharm #hcsm
  Twitter Gil Bashe: @DrugInfoAssn @makovsky @Quintiles Libbie was a great co-presenter! #DIA2014 wonderful Qs and attendees 4 crisis talk pic.twitter.com/jOEqtsR58B 
  Twitter Christian Brown: #Verizon Extends #Healthcare Focus to #Pharmaceutical Sector http://vz.to/1jyobgd  @VZenterprise Visit us today @DrugInfoAssn #DIA2014
  Twitter My Meds & Me: @DrugInfoAssn Superb presentation by Nancy Dreyer @Quintiles, Day 1 at #DIA2014 on improving quality of CER. Reading up on GRACE principles!
Twitter Regina Holliday: @DrugInfoAssn @EricTopol I am so glad we were able to come together and introduce new folks to #DIA2014 and #thewalkinggallery   Twitter Dr. MaryAnne Rizk: Innovative outsourcing Partnering Models presented by @purduepharma @INC_Research #DIA2014 tactical to co-dev stages pic.twitter.com/NiXDvp0mLa   Twitter InvestigatorDatabank: 
3 days into #DIA2014 and an overwhelming theme of the sessions & general chat is #collaboration!
  Twitter PPD: @DrugInfoAssn is @ the heart of it all. Celebrate the past. Invent the future. #DIA2014 pic.twitter.com/dXR6HNIoss
Twitter Mark D. Lim: 98% participants don't receive results of their clinical trials 90% want them. @pfizer #bluebutton aims to change that #DIA2014   Twitter David McNierney: Live from DIA: Patient engagement an obvious game changer in the industry. #DIA2014 bit.ly/1kNOJtJ #patientengagement @IDC



Thursday Highlights

CDER Town Hall (Part 1 of 2)

speaker8This roundtable with CDER leadership included discussion and updates on regulatory changes, and hot topics at CDER.

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Twitter Russell Goldsmith: 
I sat in the #dia2014powerup session at #DIA2014 so going to share some of the inspiring and amusing 5min presentations
  Twitter StatisticalSolutions: Homeward bound from #DIA2014. Another great meeting. Really well org with a huge choice of talks & workshops. Thank you from @StatSols
  Twitter Results Healthcare: Did you know you can create models of human organs on a microchip? A key preso at #DIA2014 - read our blog - http://bit.ly/Ulwiae
  Twitter PatientsLikeMe: Did you miss @Jamie_Heywood's keynote address at #DIA2014? Check out the recap here: http://shout.lt/v5p3
Twitter Premier Research: 
We’re signing off from San Diego & #DIA2014. We can’t wait to see everyone next year in DC for #DIA2015! pic.twitter.com/1G9Sx6LQCL


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