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#44: Quality by Design: From Theory to Practice

Tutorial name:
#44: Quality by Design: From Theory to Practice

Day & Time:
June 15, 9:00AM - 5:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Room Number:

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Quality by Design (QbD) emphasizes building quality into the process from the beginning. Applied to clinical trials, this approach prospectively defines factors critical to trial quality and identifies risks critical to those factors. This tutorial will provide an introduction to the clinical trials transformation initiative, and an overview of QbD and risk-based monitoring concepts. Working in groups, participants will apply the QbD principles to a hypothetical protocol outline, taking into account the concerns of key stakeholders.

Learning Objective(s):
At the conclusion of this tutorial, participants should be able to:
• Describe QbD for clinical trials from general principles, real-world examples, and hypothetical case studies;
• Identify perceived barriers and potential solutions to the adoption of QbD;
• Identify opportunities for dissemination of these principles and practices to a broad array of stakeholders in your organization.

Target Audience:
This tutorial is designed for professionals involved in clinical safety and pharmacovigilance.