Power Up! Give Your Brain a Break

Come join us on Wednesday, June 17 at 10:30am in room 152B for another inspirational session of Power Up! Presentations at the DIA 51st Annual Meeting and learn how your peer's passion has driven them to their successes.

Nine individuals will be sharing their distinctive experience/stories in five minutes with 20 slides; presentation titles are listed below:
  • From Medical Student to Patient to Patient Advocate
  • Re-orientating the Racing Brain
  • Flying Blind in a Hurricane: Why Pharma Must Think "Systems"
  • From Geek to Geek Chic: The Passion and Power of Science and Math
  • Try Law. Then Leave It. Like I did
  • I have to do what? Tales and Triumphs as a Clinical Study Participant
  • Seuss Consulting: Where It's Safe to Reveal Your Super Powers!
  • Living with Type III Mody Diabetes
  • Glass Ceiling or Stinkin' Thinkin'? An Application to Life Sciences of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean-In
  • Where were you taught...Idiot Recruiter School?
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View last year’s inaugural Power Up! session.