About the Chair

Clinical Forum Programme Chair

Julianne Hull
Julianne Hull, Senior Outsourcing Manager, Ipsen, UK


Julianne has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20+ years working for Marion Merrell Dow, Wyeth, Pfizer and Biogen Idec. She holds a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Molecular Virology (Queens University). Julianne has experience in leading clinical operations, clinical data management and vendor management/outsourcing groups globally. Julianne was instrumental in implementing the groundbreaking Wyeth/Accenture strategic alliance in Clinical Data Management. She has been working in varying facets of outsourcing since 1998 including tactical, preferred provider, functional and strategic alliances with responsibilities for governance, vendor outsourcing and operational delivery.  

Julianne is on the advisory board for the annual European Partnerships meeting. She is very active in the DIA and is very honoured at  being the invited programme chair for the April 2015 Clinical Forum in Paris. Julianne is a regular industry speaker at pharma/outsourcing conferences and has also lectured in Global and remote team management (Buckinghamshire New University). Julianne has recently joined Ipsen where she has the role of Senior Outsourcing Manager.

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