Students & Young Professionals

DIA keeps Students and Young Professionals up to date on the latest industry information through programmes and events that help them gain a real-world understanding of how education can be applied directly to their professional careers.

In addition to the ongoing fellowship programmes at flagship meetings like the EuroMeeting and Clinical Forum, DIA is offering discounted registration fees to attend the full conference, allowing participation in all activities for an agreeable fee.

Student Registration Rate

Full-time students may apply to register for the preferential rate of €150.00*. Please include an official confirmation of student status from your university as part of your application. Contact us on or telephone +41 61 225 51 51 with any questions and to apply.

Young Professional Registration Rate

Young Professionals may apply to register for the preferential rate of €798.00*. To qualify as a Young Professional, you must be currently employed, and under the age of 32. Please include proof of age in your application. Contact us on or telephone +41 61 225 51 51 with any questions and to apply.

pdf   Download Students' Clinical Forum Flyer (PDF)
pdf   Schedule of Student and YP Programme (PDF)

*DIA reserves the right to decline the above mentioned preferential rates without stating a reason.

   What Past Student and Young Professional Attendees said...

I have attended DIA Clinical Forum 2011 in Basel as a representative of EPSA. It was a very good experience, but not surprisingly, because DIA events have been among the best for pharmacy students in the last couple of years. Clinical Forum offered great topics to listen and discuss. Most of the familiar topics with new insights were talked about, and some of the things we never heard before. The best part of the event for me was probably the networking and meeting new people. Participants at DIA events are usually best in their fields so we can learn and get inspired, and the size of the Clinical Forum allow everybody to meet around and chat. I would recommend this event to everyone in the life sciences field not only for the knowledge but much, much more. - Bojan Davinic

DIA Clinical Forum 2012 in The Hague was memorable experience as my first professional touch with the world of clinical trials. During the sessions I had the possibility to hear professionals discussing about their work and time of networking helped to meet dedicated, willing to share their opinions and experienced people. So overall it gave the best possible insights and evoked a wish to get deeper. I am extremely thankful for DIA for giving me this opportunity!Miglė Škadauskaitė

As an attendee of last year’s Clinical Forum, I can recommend this highly innovative and interesting conference that has an open and interactive atmosphere. During multiple lectures held by international experts, I learned a lot about the peculiarities of the diverse areas of clinical operations. I met inspiring friendly students and professionals and got new ideas for my career development. Take advantage of the generous DIA opportunities offered to students and enjoy this year's Clinical Forum in Dublin! - Agata Aleksandra Łazowska, PhD student, University of Bonn
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