Message from the Immediate-past President

Yves Juillet“DIA has enthusiastically embraced patients and patient advocates as stakeholders, which is the aim of our Patient Fellowship programme introduced eight years ago at the EuroMeeting. But their presence at these meetings is only the first step. They have already started to follow up attending by actively participating as session speakers and chairs, and as members of our planning committees for these programmes. The DIA Board of Directors, and Regional Advisory Councils for Europe and North America, now include patient representatives and we look forward to this trend advancing into our other regions.” 

Yves Juillet, DIA Immediate-past President and Founder of the Europe Patient Fellowship Programme


DIA Europe is no longer accepting applications for the Clinical Forum Fellowship Programme 

DIA Europe welcomes patient advocate, young professional and student participation at this conference and continues to support their participation with up to 25 complimentary admissions.

Additionally, 3 fully supported places are available for patient representatives. The DIA Europe Fellowship Programme was developed with the EuroMeeting almost a decade ago and successfully introduced to the Clinical Forum in 2012.

A pre-conference workshop specifically for students and young professionals is in planning for the afternoon of Monday, 7 October 2013. Details of the full conference programme will be published soon.

Selected candidates’ names will be published in the Final Programme and on the DIA website. DIA Europe will provide detailed information on acceptance to the Fellowship Programme in the week of 19 August 2013.

The deadline for submissions passed on Friday, 9 August 2013.

What Past Participants Have Said...

"Thanks to DIA Europe for giving me the opportunity to attend this very prestigious conference. I learned a lot from the sessions. I look forward to collaborating further with DIA." 

"It was a great programme and was a wonderful opportunity to meet other patient representatives and discuss common issues of interest.” 

"I haven’t experienced anything like this programme anywhere else in the world. Sure, patient representatives are invited to conferences but this is something very different and very unique.” 

"I learned that it is very useful especially for patients in isolated regions to have an outline platform for discussion and exchange." 

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