Welcome from the EuroMeeting Co-Chairs

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to welcome you to the 25th DIA Annual EuroMeeting to be held in Amsterdam, 4-6 March 2013. Amsterdam is the ultimate “small big city” and combines all the advantages of a cosmopolitan capital with a compact, easy-to-navigate size which translates in less time spent in commuting and more time enjoying what the city has to offer.

The city has a rich cultural heritage and 2013 is a year to celebrate important events there. Besides the 400-year anniversary of the Canal Ring, Amsterdam will be celebrating the re-opening of the fully renovated Rijksmuseum, the 125th anniversary of the Concertgebouw (concert hall) and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the 225th anniversary of Felix Meritis conference and event centre, and the 175th anniversary of Artis Royal Zoo.

With a focus on better public health protection, greater transparency of the processes and the rational use of medicinal products, the proposed areas for discussion for the Euromeeting 2013 are classified into general disciplines including Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs for medicinal products and medical devices, R&D and Clinical Trials. The scope of the presentations will cover the experience gathered after the implementation of the new Pharmacovigilance legislative framework, as well as from the patients’ and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) perspective. Experts and authorities in the fields will be presenting their considerations for debate.

By 2013, the new Pharmacovigilance Directive will have been in place for almost a year; knowing what still needs to be done - or improved, and most importantly: are we getting what was initially expected? These are some of the key areas that the professionals attending the meeting will be able to learn about and debate. Other important topics to be covered include the Falsified Medicines Directive, the Information to Patients – what is the status? - the role played by scientific societies as experts, and considerations over an ageing population and the potential impact on hospitalisations.

With such an appealing outline of topics, we look forward to fruitful and engaging discussions that serve to improve further our healthcare systems. Join us in Amsterdam, bring your ideas and simply: Enjoy!

Beatriz Vicén Banzo and Peter Bachman
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