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Twitter  Tom Jones:
Great job by @Gil_Bashe @DrugInfoAssn #DIA2014 presenting on crisis management @makovsky #makhealth #socpharm #hcsm

Twitter  Gil Bashe: @DrugInfoAssn @makovsky @Quintiles Libbie was a great co-presenter! #DIA2014 wonderful Qs and attendees 4 crisis talk

Twitter  Christian Brown: #Verizon Extends #Healthcare Focus to #Pharmaceutical Sector  @VZenterprise Visit us today @DrugInfoAssn #DIA2014

Twitter  My Meds & Me: @DrugInfoAssn Superb presentation by Nancy Dreyer @Quintiles, Day 1 at #DIA2014 on improving quality of CER. Reading up on GRACE principles!

Twitter  Regina Holliday: @DrugInfoAssn @EricTopol I am so glad we were able to come together and introduce new folks to #DIA2014 and #thewalkinggallery

Twitter  Dr. MaryAnne Rizk: Innovative outsourcing Partnering Models presented by @purduepharma @INC_Research #DIA2014 tactical to co-dev stages

Twitter  InvestigatorDatabank:
3 days into #DIA2014 and an overwhelming theme of the sessions & general chat is #collaboration!

Twitter  PPD: @DrugInfoAssn is @ the heart of it all. Celebrate the past. Invent the future. #DIA2014

Twitter  Mark D. Lim: 98% participants don't receive results of their clinical trials 90% want them. @pfizer #bluebutton aims to change that #DIA2014

Twitter  David McNierney: Live from DIA: Patient engagement an obvious game changer in the industry. #DIA2014 #patientengagement @IDC

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An International Approach to Benefit-Risk Assessment of Medicines: An Evaluation by a Consortium of Established Agencies

Panelists discussed the Heads of Agencies Consortium, which consists of the TGA, Health Canada, and the HSA to review challenges and opportunities for developing a systematic structured approach to the Benefit-risk assessment of medicines and the outcome of their studies.

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The Patient Point-of-View: An Unrehearsed but Revealing Conversation to Rectify Patient Enrollment

A diverse panel of clinical trial patients provided personal accounts of their clinical trial experiences, including hurdles and obstacles they have encountered.

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Challenges and Opportunities Facing FDA’s International Posts

Directors of FDA’s international offices in China, India, and Latin America discussed the major activities of FDA’s international posts, how the international offices align with other FDA Centers and Office of Regulatory Affairs, and the challenges they face in advancing the FDA mission internationally.

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Power Up! Session

This inaugural Power Up! session breaks the mold of the traditional DIA Annual Meeting Program Offering with a series of 5-minute presentations delivered by attendees sharing unique stories.

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Jennifer Neumann @PGPT35 is the winner for the most tweets during the PowerUp! Session on Tuesday!

Regina Holliday’s Inspiring Work

PHT Corporation to Sponsor Fundraiser for Rady Children’s
Hospital - San Diego at DIA Annual Meeting

Visitors to PHT Booth #1204 had the chance to spin a colorful wheel and have the donation amount landed on added to PHT’s fundraising total for the Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. The PHT Corporation team including, Founder Dr. Stephen Raymond and President/CEO Phil Lee, present the proceeds of the fundraiser to Tanya Eraca of Rady Children's Hospital on Wednesday, June 18.

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