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Dr. David B. Clemow

Chairperson: Dr. David B. Clemow
Senior Clinical Research Scientist
Eli Lilly and Company

The DIA Medical Writing Community is a:

  • Discipline-specific global medical writer community where you can share experience and knowledge, connect with others in your region or area of specialty, and find opportunities for professional growth, leadership, and networking;
  • Neutral forum for discussion of topics and issues related to the medical writing profession, covering regulated and nonregulated documents (outputs) for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and associated groups;
  • Community that addresses your educational needs through courses, workshops, shared learning, and other venues;
  • Forum for publicizing the medical writing field to stimulate members to engage in the evaluation of writing issues and encourage dialogue between regulators, academic institutions, and industry; and
  • Group that encompasses the breadth of medical writing and related scientific writing specialties important to all phases of medical product development.

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Get Involved

Join a Committee/Group:

  • Core Committee: Oversees all Community activities
  • Education Committee: Oversees shared learning and educational outputs
  • Programming Committee: Develops content and recruits speakers for MW portions of DIA meetings
  • Membership/Social Committee: Recruits and engages members and organizes social/networking events
  • Nonclinical Regulatory Group: Engages in nonclinical regulatory writing topics
  • Outsourcing Group: Engages in medical writing outsourcing topics
  • Competency Model Team: Develops, maintains, and champions competency model
  • India Community: Regional community with activities that mirror overall global community
  • Japan Community: Regional community with activities that mirror overall global community

Leadership Opportunities

  • Liaison: Responsible for inter-community liaison activities
  • Committee/Group Chair: Responsible for individual group activities, outputs, and communication
  • Committee/Group Member: Participate in group activities
  • Communications Coordinator: Responsible for communications and website administration
  • Chair: Responsible for global community and communicating with DIA
  • Regional Community Chair: Responsible for regional community activities

Share Your Knowledge

  • Attend shared learning presentations on topics of interest to medical writers
  • Share knowledge and expertise with other members
  • Participate online in the multifaceted discussion topics related to medical writing

For more information, contact Global Community Chair David Clemow at Davidclemow@lilly.com.

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